When Firefox extend-ers give you just what you always wanted

it’s totally awesome.

Anyone who’s heard me speak in the last couple of years knows that I am addicted to del.icio.us as an off-site storage space for my bookmarks, and as a knowledge community.  And I’m also recently become a regular Google Reader user (making the shift from Sage to a web-based feed reader) because of how it turns sharing and emailing links into a 1-click process for me.   And lots of stuff goes straight from my reader into my del.icio.us.

But there’s all that limbo stuff — I might want to save it forever, but I’ll probably want to read it once and discard it.  I’ve been handling that stuff using my browser’s bookmark feature, but that’s clunky because removing stuff from there is kind of clunky.

Enter the Read It Later extension.  Install it, right click on any page (or use the browser buttons) and it gets saved to a reading list for later.  If I like it, I can del.icio.us it from there.  If I’m done, I just right click again and it’s gone.  Awesome.

4 thoughts on “When Firefox extend-ers give you just what you always wanted

  1. Definitely going to check this out. I’ve gotten into the habit of just leaving the tabs open in Firefox of each of the pages I want to read (and discard) later, rather than piling up bookmarks. This might be exactly what I’m looking for.


  2. Well, this way I wouldn’t have to print out piles of paper to read later and blog on when I get time and then on the weekend when my mind turns to oatmeal – does this happen to you? – then all I can manage to do is grade. And dial-up doesn’t help.

    Tried to click to install but Firefox prevented the pop up – so I’ll have to figure out another way. Anyway, it’s better to send it to my school computer, where my brain is like chocolate and not oatmeal.

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