fun with words! pretty, pretty tagclouds for all

peer review 2.0, the proceedings paper in tagcloud

This is the paper Kate and I submitted along with our LOTW presentation, rendered into this gorgeous tagcloud by Wordle, a new tagcloud generator I saw today on Information Aesthetics.  I love tagclouds anyway – but this one lets you play with layout, fonts and colors in a way I’ve never seen before.  You can upload or copy and paste any text, or hook it into a account as a new way to see those tags.  So much fun.

11 thoughts on “fun with words! pretty, pretty tagclouds for all

  1. OMG.
    AMD, you are into some cool sh**..stuff. This looks beautiful. Wait till i show my creativity coach!! i can use it to make beautiful mind maps….

  2. Sara – I have no idea what is going on with your wordle. Keep trying! Maybe a different computer? It’s worth it, though.

    Margaret – I love my glanceability tag too – I saw the concept in a Lorcan Dempsey blog post a long time ago and it’s just stuck with me as a really useful way to think about visualizations.

    Kate, Anna & Min – I totally want to go to all of your offices and see framed word art. I keep staring at mine – it’s like poetry and art and ideas :-)

  3. Okay so i searched for words that mean like pretty and other words and got his and only this so if you could change the topican help me that would be lovely!

  4. Hi Miley,

    A lot of people find this post using searches that make me think they want the same thing you do, but you’re the first one to comment!

    I think you might have better luck using a tool that is specifically designed to help you find a lot of words that mean the same thing, like a thesaurus, than you will using a search engine. There is a version of Roget’s thesaurus available at this link –

    Search for “pretty” and you should get an entry with lots of other words that mean the same thing — something like this

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