last week’s post + today’s post = this post

So remember that the New York Times visualizations are awesome?  And that the dynamic web has made election-watching, particularly crazy-obsessive election-watching, a very different thing than it was a while ago?

You might think that I am going to be one of many to say the NYT election map is great.  It is, but I’m not.

Check this out – for those of us forced to endure the slow rollout of the returns here on the west coast all alone because someone is busy running the French Film Festival at Western Oregon University?  This is the kind of thing you can’t look away from.  Look at all the people who are feeling like I am?  Or just feeling!  It’s very comforting and interesting too.

What one word describes your current state of mind?


(thanks to Beth via Rachel)

One thought on “last week’s post + today’s post = this post

  1. Oh you’re so very welcome. Interestingly, it’s still up, but not taking new submissions anymore. I wonder how long it’ll stay up.

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