making Google Scholar work harder

This was weird. I followed the link from Catherine’s excellent comment on my last post over to her excellent instruction-focused blog and while I was browsing the archives to check it out, I came across this post, which I knew that I was going to share.

It’s a nifty tip on how to force Google Scholar to add a “cited by [insert scholarly work of choice here]” to a regular keyword search.  Or put another way, it’s a way to search within a list of “cited by” results within Google Scholar.  For anyone at an institution that doesn’t subscribe to a lot of databases that support cited-reference searching the value is obvious, but I would suspect most of us have wanted to do just that from time to time, access to Web of Science or no.

Then today, less than fifteen minutes after I browsed that post I opened Google Reader to see that Fred Stutzman has posted today on his (yes, excellent) blog exactly the same solution to exactly the same problem.  His post lays it out in step-by-step format, if that’s what your brain likes.

That’s some crazy synchronicity.

3 thoughts on “making Google Scholar work harder

  1. Wow, that really IS some crazy synchronicity! Thanks for the compliments, by the way. I’ve updated my post to link to Fred’s blog, since I do think that his explanation is clearer than mine.

    And just to add to the synchronicity, I kind of know Fred in a one-degree-of-separation way: he was in and around the library school at UNC-Chapel Hill (working at Ibiblio, I think) while I was getting my library degree there.

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