grammar + law = 2 things I love

This is like speaking to my high school self, so loud.

Someday soon I’ll have time to talk about everything that’s going on.  It’s tutorials, and videos, and student collaborations, and peer review.  But for now – I just liked this.  I spent two years of my life diagramming sentences in middle school which I’m pretty sure no one else my age had to do, but at this point the whole experience has faded to a warm and fuzzy childhood memory.  Plus! women’s suffrage!

via Feminist Law Professors.

2 thoughts on “grammar + law = 2 things I love

  1. Oh, I’m afraid you weren’t alone in diagramming sentences at that age. I kinda get nostalgic looking at that sample, too. I actually have fond memories of learning grammar in 6th-8th grade and wish I could remember more.

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