When do you decide to bail on a book?

Apparently, for me, it’s not at the first line.  Though, I am pretty tempted.

I am going to try and read this book on the student/faculty culture divide, but the first line says:

Small, private universities like Harvard, Columbia and Stanford…

I’m still gonna try – they are all private at least?

5 thoughts on “When do you decide to bail on a book?

  1. C’mon, you started reading a book with “fear factor” in the title, you can’t honestly expect us to believe that anything could stop you if that didn’t.

  2. great question!! i realized i was punishing myself for yeeeears–because i’m somewhat of a defeatist and figure: “if i’m not into this, i’m the idiot” (that could be the case).

    but it wasn’t until the last year that i realized i haven’t read for *pleasure* for a long time. even though training yourself to accept new ideas is painful and will eventually payoff in a new kind of awareness and ability, i guess i hadn’t read a work of fiction or poetry in quite some time. i didn’t know *how* to read for pleasure anymore.

    then i read “dewey, the small town library cat” and everything changed. i was hooked immediately. it has taken me awhile to trust myself enough to put a book down. 6 months after dewey, i read “all families are psychotic” (d. coupland) and now i’m changing my life with “doppelganster”

    happily reading for pleasure for the first time in years,

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