Presentation with Rachel (yay)!

It has been a while since Rachel and I got a chance to speak.  We’ll be doing so tomorrow at an annual favorite conference – Online Northwest.

So this is the official resources & further reading post for our talk —

Beyond RSS: Staying Informed & Organized, Today & Tomorrow
(by Rachel Bridgewater & me)

{Presentation available at Prezi}

Starting Point

The end of Bloglines is nigh (ReadWriteWeb)

(also, Bloglines saved by MerchantCircle (TechCrunch))

Experience – Read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper


Pulse News Reader

Berkman Center for Internet and Society podcast

ACRL Insider podcasts

EDUCAUSE podcasts

NPR podcast directory




Resolved (command-f, Rachel Bridgewater, 1/8/2009)

Librarians do Gaga (YouTube)

Leave the libraries alone, you don’t understand their value (Philip Pullman, reported at

Philip Pullman’s call to defend libraries resounds around web (Benedicte Page, Guardian UK)

Digital Libraries twitter list


Humans vs. automated search: Why people power is cool again (CNN Tech, Pete Cashmore, 1/13/2011).

Curation is the new search is the new curation (Paul Kedrosky, 1/11/2011).

Why content curation is here to stay (Mashable, Steve Rosenbaum, 5/3/2010).




Social Media Explorer

Schools & Libraries

Calibre revisited (Profhacker, Erin Templeton, 2/4/2011).

Your writing process: Reflecting and modeling for students (Valerie Futch, 11/30/2010).

Tools of the Scholarly Trade (Barbara Fister, Library Babel Fish, 2/10/2011).

Harnessing Social Media (InsideHigherEd, 11/8/2010).

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