Link post – sorry?

I have ideas, but they’re big and lengthy. I need to think some more. In the meantime, to remind me that I still know how to use this space — recent links:

From Feminist Law Professors – “What is Feminist about Open Access”

Paul Ginsparg talks about the history of arXiv in Nature (link to Whewell’s Ghost in case there is a paywall)

Another in the academic article category – “Entextualized Humor in the Formation of Scientist Identities among US Undergraduates.”  Anthropology & Education, almost certainly behind a paywall, but an interesting take on the implicit knowledge that goes into the development of a scholarly identity.

Pondering Blather thinks aloud about moving to a digital lab notebook world.  Interesting preservation and access questions ahead.

At the American Historical Association, Robert Townsend asks “Are Citations the Best Measure of History Journals”

Anita Guerrini (at Miller-McCune) asks if the “culturomics” effort described earlier this year in Science is REALLY social science?

And a little bit of awesome – Uncovered Cover Art – artists reimagine children’s book covers.

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