Goodbye, Nature Precedings

Nature’s pulling the plug on Nature Precedings their (mostly) life-sciences-focused database of preprints, conference papers, etc.  From the letter I got this morning:

Nature Precedings was launched in 2007 as NPG’s preprint server, primarily for the Life Science community.  Since that date, we have learned a great deal from you about what types of content are valued as preprints, and which segments of the research community most embrace this form of publication.  While a great experiment, technological advances and the needs of the research community have evolved since 2007 to the extent that the Nature Precedings site is unsustainable as it was originally conceived.

I’m not sure from this what made it unsustainable; I’m sad to see this go in theory, though in practice I hadn’t visited the site in a while.  Nature also says they will archive the site, and keep what’s already there available.

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