The week ahead – September 12, 2022

Okay, I was unexpectedly out for a couple of weeks and I got a little behind. Whew. Back now.

What I am reading

All of the things I was reading before are still on the list. But actively, I am doing some re-reading:

Mutual Aid. I was re-reading the part of chapter 5 that is about making decisions together, but then a colleague told me they were re-reading the burnout section of this same chapter and now I am reading this too.

What I am thinking about

History. I needed to look in the Library Records collection in the archives for something and that trip back to the past has me thinking of all kinds of things about where we are now.

The OSTP memo. What it says, what it means, and what it means for OSU and OSULP. I am going to be talking to the Research Office about this in a couple of weeks and hopefully to the deans soon thereafter.

Elsevier negotiations. More on this to come.

What I am preparing for/ meetings of note

Initial budget allocations. We get an initial allocation from the university every year, of course, but then we need to figure out how to divide it between our indexes. That’s due this week.

Library faculty brown bag. The researcher services coordinator and I are going to be talking about a brown bag/ discussion for the library faculty on this issue. The interim associate dean, who is also the head of collections and resource sharing, is also going to be facilitating a conversation about transformative agreements and journal negotiations. I suspect all of these conversations are going to need to converge.

Development/ External relations work. This fits into the “stuff that has to be done that is really easy to push aside bucket” but my colleague Megan and I have solved that by taking on some big projects with possibly unrealistic deadlines.

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