Tutorials redux: the journey from blog post to article

An article that I wrote with my colleague Hannah Gascho Rempel just appeared in the new Communications in Information Literacy. It outlines some of our ideas about tutorial creation.  For those who like continuity in academic writing, the pre-cursors to this article appeared in this space here and here. And these ideas formed the backbone of this […]

Online learning webcast. June 19, 2013.

RESEARCH Review articles Barbara A. Blummer & Olga Kritskaya (2009). “Best practices for creating an online tutorial: A literature review.” Journal of Web Librarianship, 3:3, 199-216. Link (paywall) Barbara Means, et al. (September 2010). Evaluation of evidence-based practices in online learning: A meta-analysis and review of online learning studies. U.S. Department of Education Office. Marta […]