I’m Anne-Marie Deitering, the Franklin McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives at Oregon State University Libraries. I’ve been feeling the need for a space to get some pre-writing done – to write about things that occur to me, connections that I want to explore, and ideas that are in their early stages.

Given that I spend a lot of my time talking and writing about the emerging web, it seems a little strange that I haven’t tried this before. Basically, I’ve always been skeptical about my ability to keep a blog up consistently. And given that I spend a lot of my time talking and writing about the emerging web, I know that there’s nothing worse than a blog with four entries that just dies on the vine. So, that’s my fear. Hopefully writing it out will make it not happen.

I have a fantastically smart and funny husband and a fantastically smart and funny daughter. We live with our three puppies in Corvallis, Oregon.

Shaun named the blog. The name is taken from Brian Wood’s Channel Zero comic.

About comments –

Update (January 8, 2009).  I have never needed a comment policy before because the readers of this blog are a small group, engaged in the same work I am.  I know many of them in real as well as virtual life, and expect that that is one reason they have always treated each other with respect.  Recent events have brought a lot of new people to the circle, and while most of them are engaging in the same kind of thoughtful discourse I was hoping would land here – a few are not.

(Spam is another thing – I talked about it a while ago.  Most of it is caught by the filter – a unfortunate side effect of that is that if you put a bunch of links in a comment it might get tagged for moderation.  That just means there will be a delay before you see it.)

So – as many others have said in similar situations – this is my blog.  I think of this space like I would any real-world discussion space I inhabit.  Please engage with ideas.  Disagreement is fine.  Personal attacks aren’t welcome.   And any comment advocating actual harm to anyone will be deleted.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anne-Marie,

    I enjoy reading your entries – your view from the inside of academia is fascinating.

    Just a really quick suggestion: You might consider renaming the post at your old blog entitled, “moving” to, “I Moved – Time to update your RSS” or something similarly obvious. I have been skipping your blog solely because it said, “moving” which in my mind meant, “nothing to see here.”

    At any rate, keep up the good work, and I’m glad I’m back on track with the new site, which looks great!


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