The week ahead – August 1, 2022

What I’m reading:

Beyond Accommodation (Schoenberg & Highby) –> 75% done

Misconceiving Merit (Blair-Loy & Cech) –> 20% done

The Promise of Access (Greene) –> barely started

What I’m thinking about

this thread —

and this one –

and this too –

Meetings of note:

(Beyond normal 1:1s with colleagues)

Elsevier negotiation prep. Oregon’s 3 major research universities (OSU, UO and PSU) negotiate with Elsevier as a group. The group is meeting Monday to finalize a proposal about one of our major sticking points – cost transparency. Then we are either meeting with Elsevier reps on Wednesday or a week from Wednesday, depending upon how much time they need with our proposal.

Meeting with the classified staff association. We have a long-standing endowed fund set up by a library donor to support professional development and research activities for library faculty. Several years ago Faye Chadwell, University Libarian, set up a similar fund for the Classified Staff Association to manage. We’re going to meet to discuss the logistics of the fund and some new ideas for managing it.

Library management team standing meeting. We meed biweekly for two hours. In the interim weeks we have a 1 hour meeting scheduled that we sometimes use for regular business, sometimes for professional development, and sometimes we cancel. This week is a two hour meeting. On the agenda: faculty performance reviews, a couple of policy reviews, a reorganization proposal from a library unit and I am giving a short update on some reorganization I’m doing with our library advisory council.

Meeting with faculty reps to discuss and document hiring with tenure processes. This one is pretty self-explanatory.